Kigelia – the Sausage Tree

How does this miracle muthi work?

Kigelia Africana also known as the Sausage Tree, has remained unchanged for thousands of years, pre-dating recorded history.

This Miracle of nature has huge potential not only for drugs by pharmaceutical industries, but as an effective ingredient for cosmetic purposes.  

Numerous secondary metabolite compounds have been discovered in this tree, and scientists are hard at work making more discoveries all the time.

So far Kigelia has shown to have anti-imflamatory effects, antibacterial properties, traditional healers have used Kigelia to treat Melanoma. Kigelia fruit extract has shown great promise in the treatment of inflammations and pain. Phytochemicals (sterols and flavonoids) found in Kigeloia help strengthen and stabilise the collagen fibres that support the skin and ultimately have a firming effect, especially in breast tissue.

It is widely believed and reported that Kigelia and African Potato as an active ingredient in skin care can give skin a smoother appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkle depth, promote skin elasticity, reduce blemishes, increase circulation of the skin and naturally lighten pigmentation. We at Out of Earth; acknowledge the Kigelia fruit’s skin enhancing properties through the addition of Kigelia, African Potato, and Chickweed extracts to our line of cosmetics. We bring to you a powerful facial and body care range to benefit you through Gods pharmacy …holistically natural.

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